Gold Carbonator III

Gold Carbonator III

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Enjoy refreshing sparkling water right from your countertop and create fresh custom flavors all without store-bought single-use plastic bottles thanks to the Aarke Carbonator III

Made from premium materials, the compact stainless steel enclosure brings sophisticated style to your countertop with no need for an electrical power source. The Carbonator III is easy to use, simply fill the bottle with cold water to the fill line, screw the bottle onto the carbonator, and lower the lever to add carbonation! Get great results every time!

The refillable 34oz PET plastic bottle seals with a durable metal cap to preserve carbonation. I

ncludes a 60L Co2 Cylinder, so all you need is cold water and you can begin making carbonated water right at home.

The Carbonator III is compatible with Co2 cylinders made for use with sparkling water makers, including those from Sodastream (excluding Sodastream Quick Connect), AGA, Linde, and other brands. Ditch the plastic bottles and enjoy fresh sparkling water anytime with the Aarke Carbonator III (Stainless Steel)!

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